Tanzania Insideout Discovery  loves children and children love animals: a perfect combination for any family to enjoy an African Safari together.
On our Family Safari, children can see herds of enormous elephants with its calves up close and learn about the origin of the Baobab Trees in Tarangire National Park, they can discover the various sceneries of Lake Manyara National Park and meet the small beetles rolling dung with their hind legs, they can also see lions relaxing in the shade at Ngorongoro Crater and learn about the formation of this World Wonder.
But our Family Safari is not just about wildlife. Families can also enjoy visits to local tribes and interact in their daily activities. At Lake Eyasi families will visit the Hadzabe Bushmen. Children are given the opportunity to learn how to make a fire by rubbing a stick against a stone and how to craft a bow and arrow. In Ngorongoro families will visit the Masai and experience their unique way of living.
Our expert naturalist guides, who are fluent in English, French, German, Italian and/or Spanish, enjoy answering the myriad of questions children ask about things around them: animals, birds and plants and will assist the children to interact with the local children.
It is also possible to extend this Safari with a visit of Serengeti National Park to discover the vast and seemingly unending plains, which are inhabited during the migration time by enormous herds of wildebeest and zebras.

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